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Web Development

The Web Development aspect of the CSR Direct Project is all about making the best use of the internet without letting the internet & technology become the focus.  Using technology and the internet as a tool, not a crutch.

Our focus must remain on the people of our community.  Supporting and developing awareness and connections.  Our role is to lead by example.  And, our most

Official Websites

Like most everyone else that uses one, official websites are essentially our home on the internet.  We have our specific address that leads to our home, where we explain who we are, what we're doing, and how & why we're doing it.  

Official websites serve as the hub for all the different formats of Resource Listings.  We will link and especially embed other online content in specific formats.  The three embedded format listings are Google Spreadsheets, Calendars, and Maps.

Social Media

Socializing is the most important aspect of Social Media.  We will use Social Media to learn about the community, make connections, and most often find more resource information and sources of community support.  Social Media will also be used to disseminate our Resource Listing information, and request for help with research.  

Another way to put it is called "crowd sourcing."  We will do our best to develop as many connections so our reach will be as far as possible.  We will also use social media as a form of social advocacy, and in some cases decent and protest when that is warranted.  Unfortunately, a great deal of decent and protest is currently warranted.  So therefore, our values and philosophies will need to be clearly defined with room for adjustment.

Web Development Forum

A Forums website has been created for news, information, and discussion about this Project work and development.

A separate Forum was created to provide focused news, updates, information and discussion about this part of this Organization.