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Resource Development

The CSR Direct Project Resource Development process started with a simple Google Calendar for Free Community Meals, and has developed into a multifaceted vision for a system of research, checks and verification.  But, it's a vision for a system of Research, Checks and Verification that facilitates and uses online searches, social media connections, and public meetings that are facilitated by the CSR Direct Project.  


The Public Meetings are meant to facilitate the questions of what are we doing and are the services & resources we have doing what we need?!  The public meetings are meant to facilitate community connects and participation, providing an atmosphere for people to be genuinely heard while working together to put resources lists that actually meaningful.

Resource Development Forum

 A Forums website has been created for news, information, and discussion about this Project work and development.
A separate Forum was created to provide focused news, updates, information and discussion about this part of this Organization.