The CSR Direct Mission Statement

Mission Statement  (working)

  • The CSR Direct Project is here to provide leadership by example, as well as services that help individuals face the truth, find relief and healing, discover solutions, and achieve genuine success!  When more individuals do these things, the fabric and spirit of our whole community will change in the direction that actually means something.
  • The CSR Direct Project is here to lead by example by asking the questions to clarify "What are we doing" as a community.  Our general attitude asking questions of what we're doing will challenge us to follow through creating Resource Listings.  And, in so doing more genuinely help those most in need, with the expectation of actually reducing suffering in our community.

Business Plan

This is a good time and place to mention the business plan for the CSR Direct Project.  When our business plan is completed, we will provide it here in PDF form.  In the future you will see a big button just below this section that says "Open Business Plan PDF."

Face the Truth.

Most all of us know the value of living in the truth!  Working with the truth, in our daily lives.  The hardest hitting factor that tears our lives down is having to address lies, and lying.  Especially, if it is coming from someone we love and/or respect.  We are here to facilitate and support those in our community wanting to change the direction of their lives toward the truth.

Find Relief & Healing.

Those of us that know a life (however short or long) of facing hard truths, whether it be about our own selves or someone else, know the potential relief and healing that can come with that practice. Allowing one's self to receive or feel any relief & healing can be it own challenge.  And, for many of us, an exercise in breaking rule imposed on us from a young age.  It is sometimes crucial, for those choosing to face the hardest truths in our lives, to keep the Relief & Healing on the horizon.  Lest we set our own selves up for failure.

Discover the Best Solutions.

After being grounded in the truth, and finding even some relief & healing makes discovering any needed solutions far more possible.  If not probable.  I believe most all of us do not want to waste time determining solutions that are actually wrong.  Decisions made from misguided ideas & thinking will always develop solutions that wastes our time.  Making a bad decision is more likely lead us to making another bad decision.  Making a bad decision can become a practice making more bad decisions.  

Achieve Meaningful Success.

Fact is, we live in a society where far too many lies live without question.  Especially, when it comes to defining success.  Living in contrast to other peoples opinions & choices takes a great deal of personal strength.  When challenging others definition of the truth, or success, each one of us know the serious consequences we may or have already experienced.  Success that comes directly from, or is rooted in a deeper part of ourselves will fill us up and sustain us through tough times.  Living a lie when it comes to working toward achieving success, success based on another persons opinions or definition will always leave us empty.  Each of us need to define genuinely meaningful success!