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Helping people navigate Community, Service, and Resources by example & by developing listings that engage the community.

Real Life Research & Development

I believe most everything that means something in our world starts with a story. 

A personal story.

Experiencing "Homelessness"

This one started with me in the summer of 2010, while I was staying in the Minneapolis Shelter system.  Of course, my story starts long before this time.  But, in regards to the development of this project,

Regarding "homelessness", I did not fall from grace to reach a personal bottom like so many stories told.  I am purposefully saying that my story is the opposite of those stories where the individual hits bottom and is faced with making serious life changes.  I was, and still am a success in a way that is, unfortunately not recognized in mainstream society!  Truth is, I was forced to make serious life changes very early in my life.  And, at times, my life was threatened by the people most significant and important to me.  Furthermore, then like now, all of the people in authority, responsibility and leadership failed us!  Failed me, to speak personally.  

Before I go any further, I need to clearly state that the CSR Direct Project is NOT about, or focused on "homelessness."  It's just that "homelessness" happened to be the backdrop that lead me to start down this road Project Development.  And, finding my mission in life.

It happens that "homelessness" encapsulates so much of our historical, social issues.

Truth is, everything is connected.  

I've come to more clearly understand that this life is primarily about two main aspects regarding what we do every day.  Those two main aspects are Relationship, and Choice.  A third aspect or ingredient that has a significant influence on the other two is Truth!

As a child, I was given every reason to be out of control.  I was given every reason to become an addict and/or an alcoholic.  I was given every reason to become a criminal. I was given every reason to become a junkie (as it was called back in my day), strung out, lost to a sickness that was troubling even back in the 60's and 70's.

But, I did not!

I brought a lifetime of experience, education, training, personal work and life practice to the community table.  Especially over my adult life, I have been living my values, and purposefully building integrity.  Having personal integrity 

Taken at Ridgedale Library, October, 2019.  I no longer spend much time at Minneapolis Central.
Taken at Ridgedale Library, October, 2019. I no longer spend much time at Minneapolis Central.

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